First Gig

Singer/Songwriter Gareth 'Gaz' Hill, circa 1981 at one of our after-school rehearsals at 3 Devonshire Road, West Kirby. Barely visible in the background, my first drum kit, a Maxwin 'Funky' outfit! Gaz's guitar is a quite tasty Eko acoustic with a pickup attached to the sound-hole, possibly the best quality instrument in the room!

How it all began… Thursday 29th October 1981, it is early evening and I stand huddled in a small attic bathroom, together with six of my mid-teenage compadres. We are jocularly nervous as we prepare ourselves for the next 70 minutes in front of an already jeering, but friendly, invited audience. There is a drum… Continue reading First Gig

Phil Sung, My Personal Obituary

A typical attempt at an artistic shot we would try, this one taken by me on one of our photographic outings in 1982. It's a pity I didn't get any of Phil himself, but we weren't interested in portraits, only arty stuff!

Remembering Phil Sung, My Partner From Schooldays Photography This is such tragic news, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this; but from personal experience, I know only too well that hearing about your loved one from the viewpoint of non-family members can enhance the memories that will become the lasting link to the life they… Continue reading Phil Sung, My Personal Obituary

Cultivating New Orleans Music In England – The End Of An Impossible Dream

My band, 'Forty4', actually playing to a rare Northwest audience in 2015 who did actually dig our music! Sadly, this club has ceased to operate which is a huge blow to the Northwest Blues circuit. Photograph by Lucas Campbell.

Some things you shouldn’t even try, but what the hell, if the recipe looks good on paper, then why shouldn’t you have a go? Unfortunately, even when the ingredients are right, the cooking is perfect and the dish is served with passion, adventurous cuisine can often fail to arouse the taste buds of regular diners.

Bonham’s Are Not The Only Fruit

Lest we forget our Paice’s, Powell’s, Kirke’s & others… I love John Bonham – it’s clearly evident elsewhere on this BLOG what a major influence he has played in my development as a drummer for over 20 years. However, by focussing so much attention on the icon that is, John Bonham, it has made me… Continue reading Bonham’s Are Not The Only Fruit