Sabian Artisan Clinic, with Ralph Salmins & Karl Brazil – 06/09/11

Reality comes to Liverpool

Four years have past since Liverpool saw its last drum event in the city, so there was no surprise seeing so many bodies packed up to the reclaimed bricks of Liverpool’s most famous musical dungeon. Attendees had been suitably warned in advance that this was not going to be a technique-fest, but rather a chance to see up-close, two of the few remaining busy drummers that work a decimated London ‘session’ scene. Between them, Ralph Salmins and Karl Brazil have notched up a pretty impressive pair of CV’s, graced by names such as Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Elton John, Georgie Fame, Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, George Martin, Tori Amos, Take That, The Waterboys, Westlife, Bjork, Feeder, Leona Lewis, not forgetting Karl’s friend, James Blunt. A mixed set of bed-fellows indeed, testament to the variety of what can still be pulled from a diminishing pool of opportunities for the A-List pro drummer. [...] 

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Quick Thoughts – Stanton Moore, ‘Groove Alchemy’ DVD

Just when I thought I’d studied the James Brown stuff, along comes Stanton with a kick in the ass to show me that I only ever half knew it.

Having put an obviously substantial amount of time (we’re talking years of study and refinement processes) into tearing apart the beats of the JB drummers, Stanton has come up with what I believe is possibly, THE defining DVD for decrypting the code of Stubblefield, Kendrick, Starks, Fillyau & Parker. [...] 

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Idiots Shouldn’t Own Vintage Drums

What happens when you lend a thick bunch of young dickheads from Wigan a valuable vintage Ludwig Black Beauty?

They destroy it, to the point, the badge is lifted, the Nickel plating is virtually rubbed off, the Snare wire is wrecked and the ‘Blackface’ P85 Snare strainer is hanging off without its screws. [...] 

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