Stuart Adamson, 10 Years Gone, Crossing Three Decades

1983 was a year of immense personal change within my so far, brief lifetime. Being a mid teen, my body excelled in throwing mood-swings, courtesy of the hormones that efficiently executed their role of upsetting the DNA apple-cart. The year hadn’t started well either; schoolboy ‘musical differences’ within my band threatening to trash 1982’s progress, plus the departure of my favourite drummer [...] 

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Threshold Beyond!

After the impromptu band reunion described in an earlier post, plans were made to get something together a bit more organised where I could actually play a drum kit. Whether or not these plans would ever materialise was a big ‘if’, but maybe the stars aligned in favour of fate as we managed to once again, break 30 years of inactivity and play music together again. [...] 

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Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Eric’s, 23/09/11

New Orleans Comes To Liverpool

Let there be no illusion, my relationship with the active Liverpool music scene is one borne from its lack of ability to offer anything other than the same reconstituted, jingle-jangle-three-chord pop ditties that were its stock-in-trade of 40 years ago. There was a brief period in the late 1970’s when it embraced the new and almost buried the old. [...] 

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