Same Old Horse, New Jockey

Ok, that’s it, I gone and done it at last; yes, it’s a new website skin for the site. I wish I had more free time to update the website, but I haven’t, though it had become horribly obvious that the old skin and theme were way, way out of date.

But have I lost my marbles on this one? You decide

Not Too Girly Is It?

The 'Purple-Doctor' Theme Swatch
The very Manly mix of Purple’s used on this site – not girly at all….so there.

As you can see, there’s an extreme purple theme (and I’ve named the theme ‘Purple-Doctor’ just to emphasis the point!) in place here, which I will loosely attribute to my apparent ‘aura color’, as defined by ‘Guru Chris’ (who knows if this Facebook link to his profile still exists?). Having said that, I do remember as a child favouring some really deep purple colours (yes I liked the band later on!), including Blackcurrants, Blackberries, clothes and even a rich purple velvet pin-cushion my Mum used to own ; so full marks to ‘Guru Chris’ for reading that one.

Anyway, it’s my website and if want to skin it with a purple theme, I bloody well will!

What’s With The Footer Fish?

Free Dolphins
Where Cetaceans should be – free in the sea & not in some tourist prison.

No, it’s not a fish – it’s actually the oldest living (50 million years) intelligent mammal on the planet from the family of Cetacean’s – a Mediterranean Striped Dolphin to be precise.

Do I like Dolphins? Of course I do, fascinating sea-persons and worthy of our protection and most definitely not suitable for keeping in tourist attractions where they are keep against their will and forced to do tricks for food. They’re not bloody dogs, they’re highly intelligent beings with 48 million years more experience on this planet than our species, so respect is due.

Now To Loose Those Marbles

Here’s the kooky bit….according to ‘Guru Chris’, the Dolphin is my ‘Power Animal’! He read my profile as a Navajo medicine man would (apparently) and that’s what I come out as, or to be specific, a Mediterranean Striped Dolphin! Well, I’ve always steered clear of Dolphin contaminated Tuna as that would be the equivalent of cannibalism for me (apparently)!

Anyway, my ‘Power Animal’ is here on the footer of the site and I’m pleased to display it there as it ties in with my interest in Native American customs & beliefs that I have been studying on-and-off for over 20 years. Plus, being a drummer also puts me in some sort of sacred musician category (apparently)! Funny how in our culture of profit and currency the drummer is held in the least esteem, both as a musician (if lucky to be attributed with the title) and in the royalty-rewarding song-writing process; yet in so called ‘primitive’ tribal societies, the drummer is held as a very powerful figure in ceremonial roles. Go figure…

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