Cultivating New Orleans Music In England – The End Of An Impossible Dream

My band, 'Forty4', actually playing to a rare Northwest audience in 2015 who did actually dig our music! Sadly, this club has ceased to operate which is a huge blow to the Northwest Blues circuit. Photograph by Lucas Campbell.

Some things you shouldn’t even try, but what the hell, if the recipe looks good on paper, then why shouldn’t you have a go? Unfortunately, even when the ingredients are right, the cooking is perfect and the dish is served with passion, adventurous cuisine can often fail to arouse the taste buds of regular diners.

Growing Up With U2

Before It Was Cool To Hate Bono & His Boys Everybody hates U2 – or at least Bono. It’s official. Not content with becoming the butt of South Park jokes, being criticised for less than transparent tax arrangements, befriending Popes, trying to save Africa, hanging out with Presidents of the United States, wearing ridiculous designer… Continue reading Growing Up With U2

From Threshold To Liquorice Allstars

In an earlier posting I wrote about my old band ‘Threshold’, from 30 years ago, reuniting for a rehearsal and talking about playing together again. Well, that was in January 2012 so it’s only taken us another year to do the same thing – but this time for a purpose other than nostalgia. No, on… Continue reading From Threshold To Liquorice Allstars

The Jon Amor Blues Group – Gig Review

Telford’s Warehouse, Chester, 03/11/12 A rainy night in Chester, just a stones throw outside the ancient Romano/Mediaeval city walls stands Telford’s Warehouse, venue for tonight’s visit from ex-Hoax guitarist Jon Amor and his deceptively titled ‘Blues Group’. For the previously uninitiated, The Hoax were one of the UK’s most successful Blues exports of the 1990’s,… Continue reading The Jon Amor Blues Group – Gig Review