Forty4, BJ's, 2015

Cultivating New Orleans Music In England – The End Of An Impossible Dream

Forty4, BJ's, 2015
My band, ‘Forty4’, actually playing to a rare Northwest audience in 2015 who dig our music! Sadly, this club has ceased to operate which is a huge blow to the Northwest Blues circuit. Photograph by Lucas Campbell.

Some things you shouldn’t even try, but what the hell, if the recipe looks good on paper, then why shouldn’t you have a go? Unfortunately, even when the ingredients are right, the cooking is perfect and the dish is served with passion, adventurous cuisine can often fail to arouse the taste buds of regular diners. Continue reading “Cultivating New Orleans Music In England – The End Of An Impossible Dream”

Recognition After All These Years!

Monday nights are pretty average and dull in my house, much the same as most British working families. The 6pm-8pm slot is normally occupied by making/eating our evening meal with background radio playing whatever is on BBC Radio 2.

Paul Jones Radio Show imageBy 7pm, it’s time for the Paul Jones R&B show Continue reading “Recognition After All These Years!”