The Toxic Social Media Experiment

Why I Chose To Disconnect

Say NO! to Social Media Maybe you’re wondering why I don’t involve myself with Social Media anymore?

I used to have both Facebook and Twitter accounts and was quite an active user. However, as explained in a previous post, I did close my original Facebook account a few years ago, then created a new one to interact with my friends – but without contributing to Facebook’s data-mining ‘Like’ button.

I also created a Twitter account, only to learn it was frequented by extremists of every persuasion, ready to throw abuse at you from the safety of their phones.

Then BREXIT happened…

If you’re looking for a toxic and divisive platform to rant and explore the inner depths of warped psychology, then Twitter is the place to be. Join it up with Facebook, and you can play the part of a ball being bounced over the net in a permanent game of tennis between two manifestations of Stephen King’s Pennywise The Clown.

Eventually, I became too addicted to keeping up with my nightly dose of sleep-stealing poison and the rescuing cry of an inner scream started to deafen me – “Disconnect! Disconnect! Disconnect!”

So I did and can happily say, I have never looked back.

Due to needing to use Facebook Messenger for unavoidable professional reasons, I still have a live Facebook account which is freely available to find. However, I do not interact on Facebook, nor publish a timeline, or make any posts. I have more fulfilling, non-toxic things to be doing and as a result, enjoy my free time on my terms – no checking-in, no replying to posts or ‘catching up’ with the melee of conflicting personal opinions.

Sometimes, I just want to be alone; you should try it sometime and rediscover the real world.

If people who know me want to find me, they can, quite easily; but for me, my time in the Social Media experiment is over, filed under ‘Methods Of Toxic Communication’.