Suicide Solution – Goodbye To Facebook

On Christmas Eve 2011, I intend to commit suicide, as a Samurai would to regain his honour – or in reality, commit virtual seppuku. I’ve pretty much had it with the festering, turgid, data-mining advertising feed, AKA Facebook. Following an enlightening BBC programme it seems that like Google, Facebook’s sole raison d’être is to generate advertising income by sucking in keywords from users’ posts and ‘likes’ to match them up with targeted advertising. [...] 

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Highways Agency, Cheshire, Farce

MISSING: Single brain cell, partially functioning, if found, please return to Highways Agency, Cheshire.

Apparently, they have two sheds full of diversion signs, one shed named ‘Obvious’, the other, ‘Ambiguous’.

Thank you so much, Highways Agency, Cheshire, for that aimless, undirected detour around the outskirts of Chester this morning. Myself and the HGV drivers thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘spot the diversion signs’. Oh yes, just in case you were wondering, people do actually drive on the Cheshire A roads between the hours of 10pm and 5am. [...] 

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