Bonham’s Are Not The Only Fruit

Ian Paice

Lest we forget our Paice’s, Powell’s, Kirke’s & others…

I love John Bonham – it’s clearly evident elsewhere on this BLOG what a major influence he has played in my development as a drummer for over 20 years. However, by focussing so much attention on the icon that is, John Bonham, it has made me equally guilty of not focussing my deserved attention to other classic British Rock drummers of the same period, who also played a major part in my early development – as well as the thousands of other drummers like me who grew up in the 1970s.

I’ve been neglectful and it’s time to redress the balance. [...] 

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Pick Withers – A Road Well Travelled – (A Drumdoctor Interview)

The following is an interview I conducted with former Dire Straits drummer, Pick Withers, in 2010. A shortened version appeared in the July 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine. This is the full,

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Interview With Jamie Little

The following interview took place during 2010 when Jamie Little was touring the UK with Texas Blues artist, Hamilton Loomis. It first appeared in digital format on the ADC Drums website.

Mention Birmingham or the Midlands of England, and most people visualise an industrial landscape, dominated by concrete, motorways, pollution and silent factories that were once the lifeblood of the British car industry. Behind this somewhat blinkered façade, it is easy to forget that the area spawned a music scene [...] 

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