Modern Drummer Published Me Again!

Mark Brzezicki Modern Drummer Magazine Feature

Modern Drummer cover, September 2013
Back in print again, I am…page 96 to be precise.

Funny how the cookie crumbles; one part of your life, you’re listening to a drummer who is currently top of your inspiration list and reading a hard-to-buy leading American drumming magazine, fast-forward 30 years (give or take) and you’re interviewing the aforementioned drummer and writing in the magazine about him!

Six months after meeting up with Mark Brzezicki in the recording studio whilst he was making the ‘The Journey’ album with Big Country, my ‘What Do You Know About?’ article about him was published in the September 2013 issue of Modern Drummer.

At this point, Mark and the Big Country boys were on the back-end of their American jaunt to promote ‘The Journey’, their first time back to America in quite a few years. No doubt, this was like going back to basics for the band, what with no 1980’s style record company budgets to work with, but I hope it was successful enough for them to warrant a return to the other side of the pond.

Mar Brzezicki Article
Two page spread, my name somewhere in lights…

In some ways, it would have been better if my article had been published a couple of months earlier, but that’s how it goes in publishing. You never know when your submissions will (if ever) appear. Anyway, I’m not grumbling, Mark was grateful and I am once again, pleased as Punch (was that crazy seaside puppet ever happy?) to be published again within the pages of an international drumming magazine – nay, the international drumming magazine!

Will I be published again? Who knows? But when the passion to write hits, I’m more than just a little bit confident the produce will be equally worthy of international publication!

What, is that me blowing my own trumpet? Hell yeah! It’s my writing, it’s my BLOG and for once in my life, I’m going to celebrate something I’m actually quite good at!

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  1. Thank you Tom, it’s nice every now and again to have some little victories amongst the stuff that goes unnoticed.

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