Threshold Beyond!

After the impromptu band reunion described in an earlier post, plans were made to get something together a bit more organised where I could actually play a drum kit. Whether or not these plans would ever materialise was a big ‘if’, but maybe the stars aligned in favour of fate as we managed to once again, break 30 years of inactivity and play music together again.

Hauling my Roland electronic kit up three flights of stairs to the attic studio of our host, Gary Smith, I wondered how we would fare under the scrutiny of a recorded jam, our first together as proper adults, as opposed to adolescent dreamers. Although there were two other original members missing from the lineup, the core unit was present with Gary making the ideal catalyst to bring it all together on guitar and vocals. Besides, he was there back in the day, fully involved in our circle of sixth-form band experiments, as we traded line-ups between ‘musical differences’ bust-ups, so it was only natural he should take up the torch in place of absent friends.

After a brief revisit to a couple of our old set favourites, we managed to cover new ground in our fresh reincarnation taking things beyond 1982. Well, with so much water under the bridge it seemed only natural we move things on into a 30 year evolution. After all, we’re different players now with more definitive reasons for wanting to still play music, the hang-ups of old now long gone.

A few short hours of interaction and we have a basis to go forward, all in the pursuit of that thing called ‘fun’. You remember fun don’t you? Visiting the past was great, but it’s the future you need to keep your eyes on and we have enough strong roots from the past to give us the impetus to play together again, taking what we had all those years ago into the beyond, into now. Who knows? If today’s recordings reveal the vibe we felt was alive, maybe we’ll gig again.

Watch this space…