From Threshold To Liquorice Allstars

In an earlier posting I wrote about my old band ‘Threshold’, from 30 years ago, reuniting for a rehearsal and talking about playing together again. Well, that was in January 2012 so it’s only taken us another year to do the same thing – but this time for a purpose other than nostalgia. No, on this occasion we had Continue reading “From Threshold To Liquorice Allstars”

Threshold Beyond!

After the impromptu band reunion described in an earlier post, plans were made to get something together a bit more organised where I could actually play a drum kit. Whether or not these plans would ever materialise was a big ‘if’, but maybe the stars aligned in favour of fate as we managed to once again, break 30 years of inactivity and play music together again.

Hauling my Roland electronic kit up three flights of stairs to the attic studio of our host, Gary Smith, I wondered how we would fare under the scrutiny of a recorded jam, our first together as proper adults Continue reading “Threshold Beyond!”